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poly mailer

2018-5-7 10:04:47
Poly Mailers Quick Details:
Two easy tear strips
Waterproof  Water & Tear Resistance
These are lightweight and time saving – lower shipping costs
Pressure sensitive adhesive provides a high strength closure.,
Light Weight & Time Saving
A strong, tamper-evident seal that will ensure your shipments are safe and will not open.
Blacked Poly Mailers Features
These poly mailers are black printed outer surface, black inner lining. The Mailing Bags used of opaque materials convenient for protect your privacy with a professional appearance.
RECYCLABLE: 100% Recyclable Poly Mailer Shipping Envelopes
These pouches are essential for small businesses, online merchants and ebay sellers and etsy sellers who do not want to bother with the added costs and wasted time of using boxes
​These are lightweight and time saving – lower shipping costs

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